Writing an outcome statement

A variation of "TSW" The student will. Externally accredited programs may necessarily have more outcomes than programs not externally accredited. C Translate these outcomes into the language of measurable, observable behaviors. During which year of your program review cycle will that outcome be assessed?

At what level or to what criteria must the student perform? An action verb and a description of that action.

The student will analyze output of impaired speech production perceptually or instrumentally. The more specific the verb, the better the outcome.

Under what circumstances, in what environment will the student perform? The student will enjoy music. An outcome contains all three of the following elements: Review statements of departmental or program goals. For some programs, STEP 1 can end here.

Assessment is the responsibility of all faculty. They express a benefit or "value added" that a student can demonstrate upon completion of an academic program or course. Following the completion of this course target datethe student will key phrase use knowledge of communication theories and principles statement about standards to construct messages description of desired behavior for a variety of settings statement about conditions.

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The student will understand the relationship between theory and practice. There are many ways to measure outcomes. Others may need to investigate further.

Consider developing a matrix of program outcomes and program courses. To create benchmark outcomes, add a target date to standard outcome components. All outcomes need to be assessed at least once during the program review cycle.

B If University, College, Departmental or Program mission and goals do not provide sufficient insight into institutional values or if your program is affected by entities such as outside accrediting agencies or potential employers, you may want to include some of the following steps: Include only those outcomes that are essential in your assessment plan.

Review your list of potential outcomes, asking, "Can any of these outcomes be combined"? Outcomes are more specific, narrow and measurable.

Remember, not every outcome needs to be assessed every year. The student will demonstrate self awareness through the identification of internal values, strengths and weaknesses, and the initiation of change by utilizing resources for personal and professional growth.Writing Measurable Outcomes DEFINITIONS.

Both goals and outcomes are statements of the desired results of the learning process, and both relate to the mission of the university, college and program. Goals are general, broad, often abstract statements of desired results. Outcomes are more specific, narrow and measurable. They express a.

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Writing Measurable Outcomes

Outcome: Ninety-five percent of cancer patients participating in the transportation program will report receiving in all chemotherapy and radiation treatments as prescribed by their medical doctor.

Be as specific as possible. Funders appreciate as much detail as you can provide in writing measurable objectives. Construction of the Outcome Statement starts with identifying the key goals for the coming year, usually through a discussion by the CLO with the CEO or other senior leaders.

Writing output statements Outputs are the “widgets”, they are the trainings that you do or policies you write or products you develop.

Output statements help to identify process evaluation measures. Process measures document activities that take place during the initiative which help you determine how well things are going. Outcome statements can be measured by one measure. Though multiple measures can be advantageous to you (triangulating results), if an intended outcome statement requires more than one measure, it might actually be a statement that .

Writing an outcome statement
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