The themes of the movie the english patient

Themes Nationality and Identity Nationality and identity are interconnected in The English Patient, functioning together to create a web of inescapable structures that tie the characters to certain places and times despite their best efforts to evade such confinement.

This idea implies a larger message—that time and place themselves are irrelevant to human connection. She confesses that she has always loved him despite ending their affair.

The damage to Kip is more subtle until he hears of the news of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and at this point his anger at the Imperial powers and at the racism of the Allies comes to the fore.

In The English Patient, geography is transcendent; it is the sacredness of love that endures. Kip and the English patient immediately become friends.

Kip goes back to India and never returns, though he never stops recalling the effect of Hana in his life. Hana[ edit ] Hana is a twenty-year-old Canadian Army nurse torn between her youth and her maturity. They are soon joined by Kip, a Sikh sapper in the British Army posted with his sergeant to clear mines and unexploded bombs in the local area, including one in the monastery where Hana and the English Patient are residing.

Certain environments in the novel lend credence to the idea that national identity can be erased. He falls in love with her voice as she reads Herodotus.

Hana feels love and connection to her father even though he has died alone, far from her in another theater of war. He learns that Hana is at the villa caring for a patient. Reading Reading is recurs throughout the novel in various forms and capacities: Identity Questions concerning the identity of the English patient form The themes of the movie the english patient of the main narrative threads and lend the novel a sense of mystery.

Sensuality, both sexual and observational, is a major theme in the novel. Such love transcends even death, as the characters hold onto their emotions even past the grave.

It is only the truth in the soul, which transcends time, that matters in the novel. Likewise, Kip, despite leaving Italy to marry in India, never loses his connection to Hana, whom he imagines thirteen years later and halfway across the world.

The patient tells Hana and Caravaggio that, in the late s, he was exploring a region of the Sahara Desert near the Egyptian-Libyan border. Shortly afterwards the archaeological projects are halted due to the onset of the war.

Bodies thus function as a means of physical connections between characters, tying them to a certain times and places. Her lover, a Canadian officer, is killed and because of this, Hana comes to believe that she is cursed and that all those around her are doomed to die.

Plot[ edit ] In the final days of the Italian Campaign of World War IIHana, a French-Canadian nurse of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corpsobtains permission from her unit to move into a bombed-out Italian monasteryto look after a dying, critically burned man who speaks English but cannot remember his name.

However, when he learns of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima Kip is thoroughly shocked. The English patient, sedated by morphine, begins to reveal everything: She provides comfort to the English Patient that she could not provide to her own father.

He leaves immediately, convinced that Westerners would never use such a weapon on their own race. Geoffrey is killed instantly and Katharine is seriously injured.

Madox dies in a holy place by taking his life in a church in England. Geoffrey discovered the affair after she had ended it, and she is wracked with guilt. He recalls that Ranuccio Tommasoni ordered the interrogation tactic. She calls them all "buddy," [4] and forgets them immediately once they die.

At times, Caravaggio seems to display a romantic love towards Hana. He had remained in North Africa to spy when the German forces gain control and then transfers to Italy. However, he finds that Katharine has since died.

Understanding the bodies of the different characters is a way to draw maps, to get closer to the experiences which have shaped and been shaped by identity. Kip decides to stay at the villa to attempt to clear it of unexploded ordnance.Discussion of themes and motifs in Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient.

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The English Patient Themes

The English Patient is a novel by Michael Ondaatje. The book follows four dissimilar people brought together at an Italian villa during the Italian Campaign of World War II. The four main characters are: an unrecognisably burned man — the eponymous patient. The English Patient is a film that I really want to enjoy.

Unfortunately, I really couldn't get into the story. I do enjoy a good drama/romance, but Unfortunately this 84%.

The English Patient: Theme Analysis

Nov 22,  · Watch video · The English Patient grips because it shows how people can be different when they are in an exotic environment as opposed when they are 'home' (Katherine), it shows how destructive love can be in a slow, strong and utterly painful way, it excites because of the extremely passionate affair, the pain of the one(s) who leave /10(K).

The themes of the movie the english patient
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