The problems of the internet crime and the necessity for computer related laws

MichiganArizonaand Virginia and South Carolina [19] have also passed laws banning harassment by electronic means. Other banks thought to be compromised: All 50 states, as well as the federal government, have laws which prohibit keeping pornographic images of children.

Probation sentences for computer crimes are also possible as either individual penalties or in addition to jail or fines. The government, however, is concerned such technology will allow criminal activity to escape detection.

Means of Combating Internet Crime In many ways, Internet crimes are similar to long-established crimes. Another act, the Communications Decency Act, which also addressed child pornography, was struck down in part by the Supreme Court.

However, nuanced approaches have been developed that manage cyber offenders behavior without resorting to total computer or Internet bans. Summary The problem of crime conducted over the Internet is a vexing one for its victims and for law enforcement. Obscene or offensive content[ edit ] The content of websites and other electronic communications may be distasteful, obscene or offensive for a variety of reasons.

A person convicted of certain internet or computer crimes may also face a jail or prison sentence.

How do you prepare for computer crime? Some drug traffickers use encrypted messaging tools to communicate with drug mules.

By comparison, a mail software-as-a-service is a scalable, inexpensive, bulk, and transactional e-mail-sending service for marketing purposes and could be easily set up for spam.

This act prohibits, among other things, transmitting programs or codes that damage computer networks, as well as gaining access to a computer fraudulent purposes.

Internet Law: The Regulation of Internet Crime

One of the first early cases under this act involved a Cornell University student who released a computer virus onto the Internet in It is the originator of MPack and an alleged operator of the now defunct Storm botnet.

For example, in the case of United States v. Harassment on the internet also includes revenge porn. Penalties Because there are numerous different types of computer and internet crimes, there are also a wide range of potential penalties.

The executive order allows the United States to freeze assets of convicted cybercriminals and block their economic activity within the United States.

There are also laws which prohibit transmitting harmful materials to children. The Copyright Act prohibits willful duplication of copyrighted works and provides fines and other penalties that increase in severity for repeated violations. The student responsible was convicted under the CFAA.

Blogs and communities have hugely contributed to information sharing:Keywords: Crime, Computer Crime, Computer Complaints, Computer Problems, Legal Authorities 1. Introduction Due to being in cyberspace and expansion of the use of computers and the Internet, problems related to them is growing as well.

Because many people today have Internet access, computer crime has become a social problem. Regardless of whether the computer system itself is the target of criminal activity or the computer system (or Internet) is used in furtherance of a crime, the fact that a computer is involved brings into play and creates a necessity and requirement for a qualified person to competently handle the computer-related and Internet issues.

Computer and Internet Crime Laws

Government officials and information technology security specialists have documented a significant increase in Internet problems and server Penalties for computer related crimes in New York State can range from a fine and a short period of jail time for CyberCrime Asia Research Center – Information about computer crime, Internet fraud.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center Established by the FBI’s Cyber Division in to provide rapid incident response on major computer intrusions and cyber-related emergencies, the team. Like computer crimes, both individual states and the federal government have laws that apply to internet crime.

Luring or soliciting children. Nearly all states have laws that make it a crime to use the internet to solicit, lure, or entice a child to engage in a sexual act.


Internet fraud, viruses and related destructive programs, copyright infringement, theft of services and data, and related offenses create billions of dollars in losses annually. Law enforcement at both the federal and state level is struggling to keep pace with advancements in computer technology, but a wide variety of laws useful in fighting computer crime can be of assistance.

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The problems of the internet crime and the necessity for computer related laws
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