Syringe design concept

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A New Approach to the Design of Retractable Needle Technology

Spring Loaded Ball Bearings A form would be made with a cross-section resembling a half-pipe. Nuance undoubtedly meets the goals of being a truly innovative product. Translational movement of the bottle mold could again be used to switch bottles for mixed dosing without the user having to perform any manual action.

The needle is used to pierce the top layer of the skin, and the material in the tube is injected in the layer below. Despite a well-intentioned federal Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act NSPA signed into law in latehundreds of thousands of NSIs still occur annually in the United States, due primarily to a Syringe design concept of innovation among large manufacturers and suppliers.

The first true hypodermic syringe was created by Alexander Wood in Instead of the cylinder moving and the bottles remaining stationary in their holes, the bottles would be rotated inside the cylinders by a motor-driven belt.

The device is attempting to emulate the actions that human would take to dose a syringe. This drum will Syringe design concept degrees of rotation which would allow it to mix the insulin before dosing. The caddy would ensure that the bottle is inserted correctly. Parallel Orientation with Bottle Rotation A similar concept would again position the bottles side by side with the caps facing downward.

Internally, repeated drawing and expulsion of insulin with the syringe, or the activation of a magnetic stirring pill would also mix the insulin. The ends that cap the tube are affixed.

Concept Generation

Rotating Drum The first concept is a molded form fit drum which would hold the two Syringe design concept kinds of insulin. There would be finger grooves in the foam on the sides of the bottle that would allow the user to remove it. Raw Materials Since hypodermic syringes come in direct contact with the interior of the body, government regulations require that they be made from biocompatible materials which are pharmacologically inert.

He then used this new device for introducing morphine into the skin of patients who suffered from sleeping disorders. He modified a regular syringe, which at that time was used for treating birthmarks, by adding a needle.

History Since the advent of pharmaceutical drugs, methods for administering those drugs have been sought. It is made up of a hollow needle, which is attached to a tube and a plunger.

However, if this technique is not feasible, a bubble detection and removal system, or simply a removal mechanism could be used. These random samples give a good indication of the quality of the hypodermic syringe produced. They check for things such as deformed needles or tubes, pieces Syringe design concept fit together incorrectly, or inappropriate packaging.

This innovation prevented leaks and reduced the chances of infections, making the device more reliable. Many different types of materials are used to construct the wide variety of hypodermic needles available.

The following is a presentation of the feasible approaches to securing the syringe. Assembly and packaging 4 When all of the component pieces are available, final assembly can occur. Some manufacturers make short, wide tubes, and others make long, thin ones.

Concept Classification Tree for Mixing Cloudy Insulin Before injecting long-acting insulin, the insulin in the bottle must be mixed to a uniform consistency. Either a pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric system could perform this operation.

Depending on how deep the injection or fluid extraction will be, the needle orifice can be thinner or wider, and its length varies.

Rynd in for the same purpose. After the syringe in loaded, the tight fit of the mold keeps the syringe from moving. The translational motion is convenient because it again allows for switching bottles for mixed dosing without the user having to perform any manual action.

Finally, a hands-free dosing input could be achieved using voice recognition hardware or mental telepathy. Undersized Form Similar to the molded form described under Form Fit, a piece of material would be molded or milled such that it loosely conforms to the shape of the syringe.

For example, it has less dead space and less residual fluid than even standard syringes; it also seals the syringe as soon as the needle is retracted, preventing both fluid medication leakage and air inflow. Each of these differ in accuracy and application. This tells the server what resource it should attempt to request.The Concept of Single Use Piston Break Safety Syringe.

The new Piston Break Safety Syringe has similar design with the widely used safety syringe; hence, it makes it easier to be adapted by. Concept generation is the part of the project when the team finally gets to use its creativity to develop innovative solutions to meet the customer's needs.

Once the critical subproblems were identified, the group developed and examined various ideas to address each of the subproblems. The intent of this project is not necessarily to design.

behave like a syringe and eventually be forced to push the entire column of air in the system. Not good. Nature’s top speed law for a given tube to pod area ratio is known as the Kantrowitz limit. This is highly problematic, as it forces you to either go slowly Hyperloop.

Revolutionary Nuance Composite Syringe by RKS Design. RKS Design. This entry was posted in Life Science and Medical. screw mechanism, sensory feedback, tooth structure.

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Following this week’s injectable theme here are two recent syringe/packaging designs worth noting. 1. SyreenThe photo above shows is Cambridge Consultants’ “Syreen” concept: a new, supposedly more sustainable syringe design. From their press release: Cambridge Consultants unveils innovative concept for high-quality prefilled syringe, cutting volume of a typical pack in half.

For the design of the mechanism to hold and secure the syringe during the process of needle insertion and syringe dosing, several concepts were generated. The following is a presentation of the feasible approaches to securing the syringe.

Syringe design concept
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