Statistics and uncertainity lab report

This number is the first column in your grades. Each student measures one period with the stopwatch the time it takes to complete a cycle back and forth. Figure 2 shows an annotated blank Excel worksheet with standard features.

Click on the floppy disk icon at the top, or the File tab and choose Save As. Copy Ctrl C this selection. Note that the results of your calculations also appear here. In all Elementary Physics Labs, this is what "propagate the error" means: Indicate the cell addresses of i.

Your finished analysis spreadsheet must be included in your report, even though you may have finished it here. There are times, such as with the experiment today, when much of the formatting, and occasionally the plotting, is done for you, in an Excel template.

Make sure that everybody has completed Step 1 above before you continue from here.

Statistics and Uncertainity Lab Report Paper

The Bin-Frequency table appears, highlighted. Calculating the Pendulum Length from Period 9. You could continue doing this calculation in each row, just like you would with a calculator, but, as with a calculator, it would get tedious after a few lines.

A Paste Function box appears. Each is a statistically independent measurement of the period with an experimental uncertainty associated with it.

Measurement and Uncertainty

From the listed Courses in which you are participating If you make a mistake in typing, you can select the cell and retype the entire entry which automatically deletes the contents, or you can edit it in the formula bar.

Experimentally, you have to do these things: Copy this equation and paste it two more times. Start is the Windows logo. This is not graded. Saving the File 7. Another way is to do the following: You are given six possibilities for each section of the Lab Report except for the Data Analysis and you choose what you think is the best one.

A and B are stand-ins for physical quantities. The file type should be an Excel Workbook file extension xlsx or an Excel Workbook xls. Position the cursor just to the left of the Student Name label and click and drag all the way to the last Nine Swing time to select the class times.

Click on the cell that contains one of the average periods, type in a minus sign, then click on the cell that has the other average. Remaining Tasks You may have to finish or rework your analysis outside of class. As indicated, you need to calculate the average, the standard deviation, and the standard error of columns B, C, and D.

Cell references are case-independent; Excel functions ignore blank cells. The remaining ten experiments require a full written Lab Report.

You should be starting out in cell A1 of the Class Times worksheet. Assuming that you have done the experiment, have done most of the analysis, and are still in class, you have to complete the following tasks: You can purchase this at a nominal fee from the UC Bookstore.

Figure 1 Three possible definitions of the pendulum length. Excel offers a better way. We want to get a mathematical picture of the spread, or distribution, of the periods that you and everybody else in the class have measured.Statistics and Uncertainity Lab Report.

Topics: Measurement, Uncertainty, Metrology Pages: 4 Physics Lab May 29, pm THEORY: Statistical variation and measurement uncertainty are unavoidable. A theory. Lab 1: Measurement and Uncertainty you come to lab through this handout in its entirety.

Write your answers to the pre-lab questions on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure to write your name, your lab. Experimental Uncertainties (Errors) Sources of Experimental Uncertainties (Experimental Errors): In the Analysis section of the lab report, you should identify significant sources of experimental errors.

Do not list all possible sources of. View Lab Report - Physics 1 Lab 1 Statistics and Uncertainty from PHY at SUNY, Albany. Lab 1: Statistics and Uncertainty Tina Zicolella Lab Partners: Ashley Aikhuele and Rachel Szeliga Lab TA.

Calculate basic laboratory statistics and explain their physical interpretations. Perform calculations using Excel. Propagate the uncertainty of a quantity calculated with uncertain values.

Do not write a full lab report! The only section that is graded is. uncertainty and statistics Physics / Spring train derailment at Gare Montparnasse Paris Anders Ryd thanks to Kyle Shen, Matthias Liepe, Georg.

Statistics and uncertainity lab report
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