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Before Baugh could draw his sword, Pandey attacked him with a talwar a heavy Indian sword and closing with the adjutant, slashed Baugh on the shoulder and neck and brought him to the ground. Jemadar Ishwari Prasad was executed by hanging on 21 April.

Mangal Pandey would prove to be influential for later figures in the Indian Nationalist Movement like V. At this juncture, Shaikh Paltu, while trying to defend the two Englishmen called upon the other sepoys to assist him. To this, the jemadar stated that his NCOs had gone for help and that he could not take Pandey by himself.

The movie is however not a historical account by any means, and is embellished by many fictional characters and incidents to make it more attractive to viewers. The paper used in wrapping the cartridges was of a different colour, arousing suspicions.

Modern Indian nationalists portray Pandey as the mastermind behind a conspiracy to revolt against the British, although a recently published analysis of events immediately preceding the outbreak concludes that "there is little historical evidence to back up any of these revisionist interpretations".

Himself wounded by now, Paltu was obliged to loosen his grip. It was then that another sepoy, Shaikh Paltuintervened and tried to restrain Pandey even as he tried to reload his musket. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

The Government of India commemorated Pandey by issuing a postage stamp bearing his image on 5 October The association of Mangal Pandey with the Mughal emperor and other Indian leaders is also largely unsupported.

मंगल पांडे की जीवनी (Mangal Pandey Life History/ biography Nibandh in Hindi)

He was sentenced to death by hanging, along with Jemadar Ishwari Prasad, after three Sikh members of the quarter-guard testified that the latter had ordered them not to arrest Pandey. Wheeler of the 34th B. Sepoy Shaikh Paltu was promoted to havildar sergeant for his behavior on 29 March but was murdered in an isolated part of the Barrackpore cantonment shortly before the regiment was disbanded.

A native soldier stopped him from killing them. At the beginning, the movie portrays Mangal Pandey as a dedicated soldier in service of the British Empire. During the incident itself he shouted to other sepoys: Taking in the scene, he rode up to the guard, drew his pistol and ordered them to do their duty by seizing Mangal Pandey.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This information was conveyed to the commanding officer, Colonel William Mitchell; he took it upon himself to try to convince the sepoys that the cartridges were no different from those they had been accustomed to and that they need not bite it.

A study of Indian history also does not reveal that the extent and range of the sepoy mutiny was anywhere near to what has been projected in the movie. Baugh quickly disentangled himself and, seizing one of his pistols, advanced towards Pandey and fired.

Pandey then put the muzzle of the musket to his chest and discharged it by pressing the trigger with his foot. However, events take such a turn that Mangal Pandey ultimately has to fight against a regiment of British soldiers alone. This amounts to deliberate distortion of history. The stamp and the accompanying first-day cover were designed by Delhi-based artist C.

The sepoy will fire at you!

Mangal Pandey the Indian Movie Essay Sample

Though the movie attempts to portray the socio-economic feel of the country at that period in history, the fictional incidences that it utilizes to do so, derail the central theme of the story.Mangal Pandey was an Indian soldier who played a key part in events immediately preceding the outbreak of the Indian rebellion of He was a sepoy (sipahi) in the 34th Bengal Native Infantry (BNI) regiment of the British East India Company.

Mangal Pandey the Indian Movie Essay Sample. Plot. The movie Mangal Pandey is partly based on the story of an Indian soldier, Mangal Pandey, in the army of the British East India Company who is said to have initiated the Indian movement for independence from British rule with what is known as the Sepoy Mutiny of Essays on Mangal Pandey.

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Freedom Struggle Of India And Non Violence AHIMSA AND OTHER MYTHS IN THE HISTORY OF INDIAN FREEDOM STRUGGLE ABSTRACT 1. History, whether ancient or modern is not a disinterested exercise narrating the events. Mangal Pandey Biography In Hindi & All Information About Mangal Pandey History In Hindi, Useful For Essay On Mangal Pandey For.

Mangal Pandey was the man who fired the first shot of India's independence. Here are 17 things you should know about this great patriot. Short Essay On Mangal Pandey.

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Short essay on mangal pandey
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