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However, rural marketing determines the carrying out of business activities bringing in the flow of goods from urban sectors to the rural regions of the country as well as the marketing of various products manufactured by the non-agricultural workers from rural to urban areas.

Rural Marketing: Introduction, Concept and Definitions

Moreover, a conservative outlook often restricts women from taking the surveys. The word implies that marketing activities are undertaken in rural areas to satisfy rural segments. There is also a movement of rural products within rural areas for consumption. Rural India has emerged as an answer, owing to lack of strong presence by brands in most sectors as well as a high growth potential.

It can be said that Rular india market is not different, but markets buyers and users. Small-unit packets are readily accepted as they represent convenience and affordability. Affordability, Awareness, Availability and Acceptability.

Large and scattered population: Purchasing power of the rural people is on rise. Examples are Parle-G priced at Rs.

Rural marketing is a process of Rular india market, pricing, promoting, and distributing rural specific goods and services leading to desired exchange with rural customers to satisfy their needs and wants, and also to achieve organizational objectives.

Haats are basically a weekly event, and are central to the village economy. Today companies are realizing the potential of the Indian rural markets and gradually expanding their steps in this direction.

Rural India, market of the future

Thus, looking at the opportunities, which rural markets offer to the marketers, it can be said that the future is very promising for those who can understand the dynamics of rural markets and exploit them to their best advantage. The rural market is growing steadily over the years.

Rural marketing is an evolving concept, and as a part of any economy, has untapped potential; marketers have realized the opportunity recently.

On the whole, purchase decisions are influenced by deeply rooted social and cultural norms. The biggest mistake is to consider the entry into rural markets a natural expansion of the existing urban markets.

Also, rural India is insulated against global economic downturns, which adds to its attractiveness. Local companies often copy the logo and colour schemes of established brands, while slightly modifying the product name in an attempt to fool customers into believing Rular india market fake products for the genuine ones.

In the same way, most of products are commonly used in both urban and rural areas. Rural marketing is now a two-way marketing process. Here, target market consists of customers living in rural areas. The requirement of the rural people is significantly different from that of the urban areas, owing to varied demographic, social, economic and psychological environments.

This makes purchase of bulk consumer products rare. Rural consumers are keen on branded goods nowadays, so the market size for products and services seems to have burgeoned. Introduction, Concept and Definitions Article shared by: The haats are basically a gathering of the local buyers and sellers.

At last, we can say: This is in line with the rural psychology of high aspiration and high price consciousness. Selling of agricultural products in the urban areas ii. This results in loss of opportunities for firms that gain by customization. The rural population has shown a trend of moving to a state of gradual urbanization in terms of exposure, habits, lifestyles, and lastly, consumption patterns of goods and services.

The standard of living of rural areas is low and rural consumers have diverse socio-economic backwardness. In Decemberit went one step further with the launch of Nokia Life Tools, which is a range of agriculture, education and entertainment services designed especially for the consumers in rural areas.

The main reason why the companies are focusing on rural market and developing effective strategies is to tap the market potential, that can be identified as follows: Some of their efforts paid off and many markets still an enigma.

So, the term can be defined as: Chirag needs only four hours of charging for five hours of light. Rural marketing in Indian economy can be classified under two broad categories.The rural market has been growing steadily over the past few years and is now even bigger than the urban market.

Rural Marketing in India: Definition and Features of Rural Marketing

About 70 per cent of India’s population lives in villages. More than million people live in villages of India. ‘Go rural’ is the marketer’s new slogan. rural market: Find Latest Stories, Special Reports, News & Pictures on rural market.

Read expert opinions, top news, insights and trends on The Economic Times. Jun 06,  · Rural marketing brings to you 13 marketing strategies to succeed in rural India.

While drafting a strategy there are certain points that can make a huge difference and put the rural market in all new see how rural is an enticing and aspiring market for Corporate.

He further said that India’s retail FMCG market could grow from $10 billion presently to $ billion by The rural market is now flush with funds, and, according to Mr. Roy, it “ needs to be tapped.” Real rural wages have gone up per cent annually over the last five years.

Read article about Indian Urban Market & Rural Consumer Market in India – Research Paper: As per the associate chamber of commerce, the rural consumer market is booming with urban market.


Rural Market

This statistic represents the market size of FMCG across rural India between andwith a forecast for Inthe size of the rural FMCG market in the country was valued at about.

Rular india market
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