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Snow Show [ edit ] "The challenge has been to work in collaboration with an architect [Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa ] in a completely unfamiliar material. In this way, she encourages us to reflect on what we see around us. This structure was built from positively casted cement books which are placed with their spines facing inward.

She finished the interior of a room-sized box with wallpaper, windows, and door before casting. It was said to be the most massive object ever made out of resin, taking eight attempts to produce due to the resin cracking. Whatever else it is, Embankment is generous and brave, a statement of intent.

She and James Lingwood of Artangel looked at houses to be torn down in North and East London inbut without success in securing one. With Untitled Monumentalso variously known as Plinth or Inverted PlinthWhiteread became the third artist to provide a sculpture for the empty Fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

She made a plaster cast of the interior of a wooden wardrobe and covered it with black felt. She used plaster to cast the parlor walls and ceiling in sections and assembled them on a metal frame. She began to exhibit inwith her first solo exhibition coming in With the condition that this memorial could not be figurative and needed to represent all Rachel whitereads house, lives and the camps they were executed at, Rachel Whiteread was chosen out of ten artists to create this monument.

The inability to read these books allude to the lost lives of the 65, Austrian Jews whose stories are unable to be told leaving the viewer with a sense of loss and absence. From a distance, it looks like any other boathouse, but closer inspection reveals that this is a work of art in concrete.

The sculpture also does not include corners or bookshelves which further symbolizes the lack of structure and support. Her monument Nameless Library was erected in Judenplatz Square in Vienna and appears to be an inside-out library.

She cited the end scenes of both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Citizen Kane as visual precursors; she also spoke of the death of her mother and a period of upheaval which involved packing and moving comparable boxes.

She had begun considering casting an entire house in Whiteread turns the boathouse inside out thereby capturing a moment in time. They are fixed in position with an adhesive. Cabin is said to be her first public commission in the United State that is installed permanently on the island.

However, Ghost had recently been moved from the warehouse to the new Gagosian Gallery in London. The exterior of the piece is a pragmatic solution simply reflecting the complex geometry of the interior.

Rachel Whiteread

Propped against or affixed to walls, the sculptures glow with absorbed and reflected light. This monument also questions the architectural concepts of interior and exterior as the building surrounding the square Rachel whitereads house walls, and the streets leading into it like doorways.

She sees it not as a space to be filled, but as an absence to be acknowledged, and she does it well. Angel of the South [ edit ] She was one of the five artists shortlisted for the Angel of the South project in January The work is a cast of the interior of an old boathouse.

It was cast from a room in a house on Archway Road in north London, much like the house she grew up in. Nameless Library [ edit ] Holocaust Monument JudenplatzVienna During the Holocaust, 65, Austrian Jews were executed, and in memory, Monument to the Victims of Fascism was a monument erected to commemorate these lost lives, however, this piece was seen as unsatisfying, so Simon Wiesenthal proposed the idea for a new memorial to the mayor of Vienna.

While still at the Slade, Whiteread cast domestic objects and created her first sculpture, Closet. Some critics even accused her of stereotyping the Jewish people as "the people of the book" considering that Jewish memorials were traditionally written.

They have two sons. Untitled One Hundred Spaces [ edit ] For the Sensation exhibition inWhiteread exhibited Untitled One Hundred Spacesa series of resin casts of the space underneath chairs.

Since Cabin is away from the noisy city, it creates a peaceful scene and a quiet sense. Her sculpture was an ton resin cast of the plinth itself, made by Mike Smith Studio, London, [28] which stood upside down, creating a sort of mirror-image of the plinth.

It was based on comforting childhood memories of hiding in a dark closet. From atop the walkway, it looks like a storage depot that is steadily losing the plot; from inside, as you thread your way between the mounds of blocks, it feels more like an icy maze.

It consists of some 14, translucent, white polyethylene boxes themselves casts of the inside of cardboard boxes stacked in various ways; some in very tall mountain-like peaks and others in lower though still over human heightrectangular, more leveled arrangements.

She created Shallow Breaththe cast of the underside of a bed, made not long after her father died. The sculpture is preserving what would otherwise have been lost. At this point, there is a 3-dimensional model of an actual stairwell space in East London, electronic imagery and a wooden mould that is being constructed in Rovaniemi, Finland.

I hope that it will disorientate the viewer and make one think of other places. These books have also been seen as referring to the Nazi book burnings. The boxes were manufactured from casts of ten plain cardboard boxes by a company that produces grit bins and traffic bollards.Rachel Whiteread, CBE (born 20 April ) is an English artist who primarily produces sculptures, which typically take the form of casts.

She was the first woman to win the annual Turner Prize in Whiteread was one of the Young British Artists who exhibited at the Royal Academy's Sensation exhibition in Among her most renowned works are House, a large concrete cast of the inside.

Rachel whitereads house
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