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Which leaves the protection of the public as the remaining reason, and the reason that prisons came about in the first place. This is the symbol of developed and educated countries that they treat a prisoner also as a human being like others.

The prison set up continued to be deplorable. The reform also went ahead to introduce a library in the prisons where inmates could continue to improve their literacy. Numerous western countries have banned the execution and working on rehabilitation process. One day, Prisons essay wise, a prisoner will become a good citizen when he comes out of a prison.

Prisons systems today are very diverse ranging from maximum security prisons to juvenile halls and mental institutions. It becomes easier to continue to commit more crimes to support themselves. Conditions in these early prison systems were deplorable mainly because parishes did not want to condone able bodied people from moving into the work house.

The main objective of prison is to imprison a guilty and give him punishment for the sake of justice. We need evidence-based solutions to tackle the problems that leads people to commit crime. This expansion continues to take place both at the state and federal level.

She has implemented both the system and the jail administration treats their prisoners like humans. As well as, the prison administration gives them a special therapy so Prisons essay they should forget about their depressed life and should be well prepared concerning their next life.

Almost all the western countries adopted a rehabilitation option rather than execution or punishment so that is why crime rate is very low there.

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The second reason is about rehabilitation process. The second type, lifelong-persistent, are people who commit crimes casually and often, moving through the criminal justice system in a perpetual cycle of crime-arrest-conviction-incarceration-release-crime and rarely, if ever, breaking out of that cycle.

Inthe psychologist Terrie Moffett published a paper in the Psychological Review that argued that there were two fundamental types of prisoner — the adolescent-limited and the lifelong-persistent. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were both locked up for ten years — one has now been rehabilitated and is trying to build a new life, one has gone back into prison for breaking his parole.

However, on closer inspection, the reasons given seem to have secondary important to the need for society to feel like something is being done, that justice is being served, that law and order is being kept, with near-total disregard for those who find themselves shut out of society with no hope of redemption.

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Prison Systems

There are a variety of reasons both types end up in prison, including poor education, drug addiction, racism young black men are twice as likely to go to prison Prisons essay to university.

But most advocates of prison do not care about that: People who kill, rape, steal, assault and engage in other anti-social behaviour are causing us as individuals and as a community harm and need to be dealt with.

The evidence would suggest that as a society we have got our definition very wrong. The introduction of other measures such as fines and probation enables minor offenses, such as stealing an orange, be treated differently from major crimes such as violent robbery.

Prison Systems A prison can be defined as a facility that is set up under the authority of a state. In Islamic society if a person commits any ilk of crime, then there will be very hard rules of punishment for him for instance, if a person killed anyone, he would be executed at the square in front of a crowd.

But this has to be balanced with the human rights of those convicted of crimes themselves — can we justify the imprisonment of such people? To deal with the reasons for people returning to prison over and over again, we require drug treatment programmes, mental health treatment, adult education, housing programmes, and ways of giving people pride and hope in themselves.

Their attitude is largely that prison is for punishing people that society disapproves of.Good Essay Topics on Prison There are some themes that often confuse the students, making them wonder what they should write about.

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The Female Prison in the United States - The female prison population in the United States is. Free Essay: Prison Gangs Prison Gangs According to (Wikipedia) a prison gang is a term used to identify any type of gang activity in prisons and correctional.


A prison can be defined as a facility that is set up under the authority of a state. Within these facilities, individuals who have been sentenced for criminal activity are forcibly denied a large number of freedoms and placed within the confines of the prison.

It is often said “prison works”.

It is less often said what it means for a prison to “work”. Traditionally prisons have been argued to serve at least one of three functions: to punish the prisoner, to protect the public, and to rehabilitate the offender to prevent them committing another crime.

- Introduction The purpose of this essay is to indicate how the needle and syringe program in prisons will benefit the Australian government as well as the wider Australian community.

As well as the maintenance of NSPs can be maintained while acknowledging concerns of those against it.

Prisons essay
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