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Marketing Report Of Nigerian Breweries Plc Commerce Essay

Nigerian Breweries looks well placed to take advantage of the ever growing demand for beers, stouts and non-alcoholic drinks in Nigeria. The company has a portfolio of high-quality trade names, including Star Lager Beer launched in ; Gulder Lager Beer ; Maltinawhich now has three assortments, viz.

The one-year production of beer is about 1, hectoliter. Why buy this report? Advertising, public dealingss, point-of-sale shows, and viva-voce publicity are all traditional ways for advancing a merchandise. Nigerian breweries is besides involved in societal duty by patronizing events such as star pursuit which is aimed at detecting new musical Acts of the Apostless Nigerian Tribune, 8th June amongst other societal events and originative authorship workshop, a plan created to prepare the immature author Vanguard, 15 July Nigerian breweries has a really high provider power because the usage of local maize and sorghum for fabrication of beer has a high market value because of the limited handiness of barley and other replacements for Nigerian breweries marketing analysis of beer, the husbandmans and providers of this natural stuffs have the power to raise their monetary values as they wish, go forthing Nigerian Breweries at their clemency.

Samples Overview Why buy this report? Its commanding lead was due to its ownership of well-established and popular local brands such as Star, Gulder, Goldberg, 33 Export and Life Continental. Competition between lager price bands intensifies Economy lager overtook mid-priced lager in to become the biggest lager category in Nigeria in total volume sales terms.

Jones, Monetary value can be stated as the existent or rated value of a valuable merchandise which is up for exchange ; some define it as sum of money paid for merchandise Kotler et al, The monetary value of the merchandises Star beer produced by Nigerian Breweries is low-cost for all the consumers in the market because it is produced from local maize and sorghum which is cheap so they make their net income and fulfill the clients which are largely the young person and since most of their gross revenues are largely made from young person, the monetary value would ever stay low-cost so as non to lose clients and cut down gross revenues.

Has the recession benefited domestic lager over imported lager? The Star brand which is the flagship product of the company was also rebranded and has achieved huge success since then. THE Selling MIX The term selling mix refers to the primary elements that must be attended to in order to properly market a merchandise or service.

Such huge investments have yielded huge dividends with turnover volumes growing at high rates. These activities include acquisition of human resources, natural stuffs, fiscal resources, and development of goods and services.

Its success would however depend on the ability to improve market share through continuous market penetration and product development strategies.

What is the market size of Beer in Nigeria? In an attempt to curtail the declining trend in its overall volume share and offset poor performances by mid-priced brands, particularly Gulder, the company repackaged its economy brand Life Continental Lager.

In response to competition, Nigerian Breweries has been involved in several re-branding, merchandise development and variegation attempts in the last 5 old ages. Economy brands gain ground in Players focused on economy brands performed best in beer in as disposable incomes stagnated due to the sluggish economic recovery.

Decision Nigerian Breweries would stay one of the major brewery companies in Nigeria and this selling study that shows their schemes and tactics have tried to explicate the grounds why they are such a major force in the brewery industry in Nigeria. The Star trade name which is the flagship merchandise of the company was besides rebranded and has achieved immense success since so.

Other advertising media deployed by NB include print, electronic and billboards. The political state of affairs in Nigeria has experienced a stable balance since the beginning of the democratic administration and this has impacted on Nigerian breweries plc in different ways.

A jurisprudence is passed around that people who drink any signifier of intoxicant or commit criminal conversation, larceny would be badly punished The Guardian, and this affects the gross revenues of beer in that part. Gross saless in Nigerian Breweries have been on the rise as opposed to the manner in European and other developing markets partially because despite the single province authoritiess attempts by making Torahs to modulate the gross revenues and distribution of alcoholic merchandises it has non put in-place proper control mechanism to checkmate and command the phenomenon of alcoholic ingestion, this is due to the laxness in enforcement of Torahs in Nigeria and the high degree of corruptness in authorities Daily Trust, 11 September Operationss at Enugu brewery were discontinued ingo forthing the company with five operational breweries.

In Septemberthe company acquired its 5th brewery in Enugu province, and in Octoberits 6th brewery, sited at Ama in Enugu. NB has an impressive dividend policy. Nigerian Breweries is the most capitalized quoted company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange NSEit is besides the first company in any sector to declare N12 billion in PBT and the first company in Nigerian history to declare dividend of N8 billion Vanguard, In general, Nigerian Breweries focuses on all the section of market and has produced different types of merchandises which covers all the section of market in Nigeria TARGETING Market Targeting can be defined as the choice of a peculiar market section toward which all selling attempt is directed.

Competition could besides low because there are merely two companies in the industry so it has adequate market for both of them and it can pitch its schemes against merely one major rival Oyeyinka, In Nigeria, imbibing beer is seen as a societal event of celebration and because of its low-cost monetary value, it can be seen amongst the high, in-between and lower category earners.

Merchandise Kotler et Al, defined Product as anything that can be offered to a market for attending, acquisition, usage or ingestion that might fulfill a privation or necessitate Nigerian Breweries has two chief beer merchandises and they can be described as the nucleus merchandises of the administration i.

The Porters five forces apply new entrants, Buyer power, Supplier power, Substitute and Rivalry for analysis.Investor Relations. Learn more about how NB Creates value for investors.

Nigerian Breweries Plc: Consumer Packaged Goods-Company Profile, SWOT and Financial Analysis

Learn more about how NB Creates value for investors. This report is set to discuss about the marketing report of Nigerian Breweries Plc. It covers their history, the PEST analysis, their strategies and tactics. A good marketing report is needed in an organisation to know the status of the organisation and to know where they are failing and succeeding.

Nigerian Breweries continues to dominate beer. understand competitive threats with our detailed market analysis, and plan your corporate strategy with our expert qualitative analysis and growth projections.

Inform your marketing, brand, strategy and market development, sales and supply functions. The company became a public liability company in in which it had its name changed from Nigerian Breweries Limited to Nigerian Breweries Plc. NB is involved in the brewing, marketing and distribution of larger beer, stout and non-alcoholic malt drinks.

Nigerian Breweries Plc has notified the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) the investing public of the appointment of Emmanuel Oriakhi as its new Marketing Director and a member of its Management Team.

Beer in Nigeria

Oriakhi’s appointment will be with effect from September 1, and will be replacing Franco Maggi. Competent project manager, significant experience in market analysis in FMCG sector (beverages), channel development and activation.

Experience. Nigerian Breweries Plc. Sales and Trade Marketing Nigerian Breweries Plc. February – February 1 year 1 month.

Lagos, Nigeria.

Nigerian breweries marketing analysis
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