Mind your business plant

I picked up this plant at Home Depot because I wanted a hanging basket plant for my shaded front porch. This lawn is moderately shady and composed mostly of bluegrass, a poor choice for California.

Baby's Tears, Angel's Tears, Mind-your-own-business

So it spreads everywhere and I am convinced that it has smothered some of my favourite prennnials. Neutral On Apr 2,aks wrote: I do not plan to put this in my garden now that I know that is spreads so wildly.

So if you are trying to get rid of it, watch what you do with the plants you root or pull out! Personally, I think it beats any grass lawn and is even preferable to and apparently hardier than dichondra. I have tried Roundup and iron. Then for some reason I tried triclopyr Oh, you might decrease it a bit.

We love our baby tears, they are planted at the bottom of our palms in giant pots, the baby tears drip over the side in a cascade of soft green drapery.

Ranks right up there with Oenothera, Pampas grass, Scotch broom and mind your business plant plants that LOOK niche at first, but then the spread, and spread. They flourished in the shade.

Stronger than that, avoid at all costs! I never realized how very picky this plant can be - take heed where it says this plant should NEVER be left to dry out! And has anyone else tried it as as indoor plant? I have since moved from this property, and do not know if further treatment with triclopyr would have helped.

Helxine solierolii – Mind-Your-Own-Business

I have it in planters on the deck to keep the soil from splashing out when I water the plants in them. I think the tree draws all the water out of the soil. By the time you realize you would rather not have it, or you want less of it, it will be too late!

A nice undercover for shady area. Oh one last thing, an instructor I had for a ground cover course once, many many years ago told us that if you want to "seed" this plant over an area, just pull some up, chop it up with a razor blade, and sprinkle it over the area where you want it.

Not without destroying all of the plants I want to keep, anyway. It is in a sheltered site by the foundation of my house.

How to get rid of the weed mind your own business

Finale can be purchased online at Biconet. I grew this plant years ago indoors in a small pot. As long as it had plenty of water. It is impossible to kill as the little root runners form a dense mat. I would not reccommend this plant. I just cut it back pretty far, hopefully it will be ok.

It has not invaded my grass because the sun is too hot. Does anyone have proportion mixing instructions for a much smaller area or a 2 gallon sprayer? But I will have a container of it in the garden. The tiny leaves dies back after the first severe frost nights in autumn, but grows back in spring.

I use a professional lawn treatment company and they refuse to treat a lawn badly affected by this plant. Will look like it is gone, but come Spring it will reappear just a lush as ever.The plant with so many common names - Paddy's Wig, Corsican Creeper, Friendship Plant, Bread and Cheese, Baby's Tears, Paddy's Tears, The Pollyanna Vine - the list is endless.

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Mind your own business

How To How To Plant Out Ornamentals. How to get rid of the weed mind your own business Beware mind your own business, or baby's tears, which can take over a lawn Plant suckers: seek and destroy. Best known as an indoor plant, baby's tears, or mind your own business, makes an attractive and maintenance-free alternative to grass as.

Specializing in pre-employment screening, Mind Your Business, Inc., provides a broad range of services aimed at increasing the level of information, profitability. Jun 26,  · How to Grow Mind Your Own Business. Mind Your Own Business is part of the nettle family and is known more scientifically as Soleirolia soleirolii and it's a vigorous creeping plant.

It is ideal when planted as ground or wall cover and is 40%(8). I lift mind your own business (Soleirolia soleirolii) off my garden in layers and put it out for council green mi-centre.comg soil from the .

Mind your business plant
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