Hamlet diary

While this play takes place, I shall wait for a moment of weakness, for then I could strike. Hopefully, she will tell this to her father which will then tell the King, that I have gone mad. This on top of everything else is just driving me to insanity.

I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. My gorge rises at it. As I am soaked from head to toe in these inky-covered clothes, I sit and contemplate. That was not meant to be him, but just Claudius was all who I looked for.

He died of means, which are unknown, which leaves me curious on the manner. He was a man like I; witty, strong, and lost in thought. To be buried alive with her? I was breaking down inside, and dying to know why. Actions have already been carried out.

I wondered what I would become when I died, and if I had any legacy to leave behind at all. I insulted her and all women in that manner. I say sorry, but that is now not good.

Could it be true?

Hamlet Diary

I think that Ophelia is very offended, and I know that is not how to treat one who I contradictory have feelings for. Hamlet Diary Act 1: I tried to confuse her by then saying that she should not have believed that I loved her because I never did. I will wait for when he is in a drunken state, for then he is at his weakness.

I will reveal Claudius, and kill him at the right time. Then that would send him to heaven, which will then defeat the purpose.

Hamlet Diaries

And what is this about Claudius?Diary Entry #11 (Act 4, Scene 3) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern brought me into the throne room. Claudius comes up to me and questions to find out where I hid the body.

Hamlet Diaries Friday, February 22, Act 3 Scene 4. Dear Diary, As you know, i stabbed Polonius during my confrontation with my mother. I thought Claudius was the one who were hiding behind the arras. As my mother being shocked about what i did, i argue with her about the murder Claudius did and also about her marriage with my uncle.

Comparing Bennett's Hamlet with Branagh's Hamlet Essay - Comparing Bennett's Hamlet with Branagh's Hamlet Many of Shakespeare's works have been transposed from stage to screen, none so more than Hamlet. Hamlet Diary Creative Assignment.

Write a diary entry from the point of view of your character Hamlet. Write about (1) the murder of King Hamlet (Hamlet’s Father), (2) marriage of Claudius and Gertrude, and (3)Hamlet’s insanity. HAMLET's Diary.

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Hamlet's Diary

Personal Blog. Hamlet and the Three Soliloquies Hamlets dilemma – Why can’t he act Analyse the Relationship Between Dorothy’s Diary Entry and William’s Poem, Paying Close Critical Attention to the Ways in Which the Poem Draws on the Diary Entry, and the Ways in Which It Departs from It.

Hamlet diary
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