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So, in this study we used the FIF technique in the all three sites under study brain, prostate and left sided breast tumors because it can get us a homogeneous dose distribution in the PTV and decrease the dose hot spots in the treatment planning.

In the procedure called gamma-knife surgery, multiple concentrated beams of gamma rays are directed to the growth in order to kill the cancerous cells. Compared with electronic surface compensation with dynamic leaves, shorter treatment times allowed better radiation protection to the patient.

Essay UK - http: By interaction with the electric field of a nucleus, the energy of the incident photon is converted into the mass of an electron- positron pair. Exposure to such a strong from of energy is proven to give harmful effects to anyone.

These rays are now widely used in industrial and commercial purposes. Its principle benefit therefore is to patients who Gamma radiation practical essay to be received potentially curative radiotherapy.

Gamma rays can be considered as an effective way to treat cancer. This describes the case in which a gamma photon interacts with and transfers its energy to an atomic electron, causing the ejection of that electron from the atom.

However, when emitted gamma rays carry essentially all of the energy of the atomic Gamma radiation practical essay de-excitation that produces them, this energy is also sufficient to excite the same energy state in a second immobilized nucleus of the same type.

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Gamma rays have a short wavelength which means that is also has excellent energy. These include transmission blocks, compensators, wedges, dynamic jaws, multileaf collimators, tomotherapy collimators, moving bar, and scanned elementary beams of variable intensity.

It is also necessary that everyone knows about the dangers of gamma rays. The resultant dose distributions with and without presence of MLC were compared objectively.

Depending on which molecule has been labeled with the tracer, such techniques can be employed to diagnose a wide range of conditions for example, the spread of cancer to the bones via bone scan.

CT scans were performed and three-dimensional conformal wedge plans were generated for all the cases under this study. The FIF technique had a significantly greater Dmax compared with the WB technique, but lung20 did not show a significant difference.

Thus, the wedges and compensators may be called intensity modulators, albeit much simpler than the recent computer-controlled intensity modulation tools such as dynamic multileaf collimators. By modulating both the number of fields and the intensity of radiation within each one, we have limitless possibilities to sculpt radiation dose see 2.

Level 3 represents the most complex radiotherapy treatment plans, including IMRT, many of which are still at the research level in University Hospitals. Levels 1 to 3 are illustrated in Table 1.

Additionally, gamma rays, particularly high energy ones, can interact with atomic nuclei resulting in ejection of particles in photodisintegrationor in some cases, even nuclear fission photofission.

As it passes through matter, gamma radiation ionizes via three processes: Of these, only the last five allow dynamic intensity modulation. As a reference, the same measurements were taken for the wedge techniques Wedge 5 and Wedge As its name implies, intensity-modulated radiotherapy IMRT enables us to modulate the intensity of each radiation beam, so each beam may have one or many areas of high intensity radiation and any number of lower intensity areas within the same field, thus allowing for a better control of the dose distribution with the target.

However, the use of these powerful forms of energy does not focus mainly on destroying cancer cells as healthy cells are also killed through the process. The beams are aimed from different angles to concentrate the radiation on the growth while minimizing damage to surrounding tissues.

Radiotherapy consisted of whole-breast irradiation to the total dose of 50 Gy in 25 fractions, and a boost of 16 Gy in 8 fractions localized to the tumor bed. These machines are advertised to be able to scan 30 containers per hour. When healthy cells are also destroyed, there may be possibility for side effects to happen.

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SFF created homogenous 3D dose distributions equivalent to electronic surface compensation with dynamic leaves.- The Different Types of Radiation There are four types radiation: alpha radiation, beta radiation, and gamma radiation.

Neutron radiation is also encountered in nuclear power plants and high-altitude flight and emitted from some industrial radioactive sources. Free Essay: The Effects of Radiation Radiation is the emission of electromagnetic energy that is given off in the form of high speed particles that cause.

Gamma radiation Practical decaying of the gamma ray source. Radioactive substances decay with time, therefore the emission of rays at the start of the practical would 5/5(1). This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

the object's atoms, increasing their vibration or translational motion, which results temperature increases. Infrared radiation has practical and scientific application in many areas, including physical therapy, infrared radiation photography, and vibration.

Gamma radiation Practical. Essay by kyakan, High School, 12th grade, A, August download word file, 4 pages, Downloaded times. Keywords Hypothesis, NASA, intensity, independent variable, dependent variable. 0 Like 0 Tweet. Gamma ray intensity is the number of photons hitting a unit area in unit time, this is calculated through.

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