Essay my aim in life in urdu

The road is filled with many ups and downs with sheer will and disciplineto work towards the goal and accomplish it nothing is impossible at all. Revenue is the byproduct; it is the survival food of any company. Essay my aim in life in urdu decision to be extraordinary to face challenges and think out of the box.

I am working hard to achieve my aim. Wo sakht zakhmi tha magar us ke paas ilaj karwanay ke liye khuch bhi nahin tha. Teaching has been profession of prophets, priests, saints and moralist.

In the final analysis, I must say that aims and ambitions are very important to determine a career or profession for us. They focus on building the value instead of solely focusing on revenue. Opportunities come to those who aim high to achieve some bright things in life.

Some aim to become a teachersharing knowledge that enlightens the students who are the future, people who aspire to free the world from life threatening diseases choose to become a doctor. But the idea to live a normal life looked monotonous, that moment I decided to make the aim of my life to become an entrepreneur.

Failure is a stepping stone to the success, it teaches us to explore new ways and means to reach our goals. Essay on My aim in life Born in the city of dreams called Mumbai I lived a normal life facing difficulties and overcoming them.

My aim in life essay in urdu

Ayenda ahtiyat karne se shafayab hone wale mareez bhi baar baar bimar na hon. Entrepreneur community has a variety of people Farmers, Mothersyoung students etc. Some peoples may ask why I want to be an English teacher. The passion, the craze the love in doing what we love to do can be anything and we end up doing it with grace.

I want to be a teacher of English. I devote all my time to study english language and literature, whatever others may think of my aim, I am satisfied with it.

I will feel intense happiness when I would achieve my aim. If we look around ourselves then we come to know that there are many people around us who are just leading their life aimlessly. There are as many ambitions as men.

There are many reasons for my choice. Hamare mohalay mein aik bohat hi ghareeb khatoon rehti thi. They do not achieve anything in their life and are aimless people.

And if you find this information helpful drop a comment in the comment section below. My inspiration comes from big companies like Reliance, Google, and Amazon.

The aim to become rich and successful requires working day and night losing track of time. People never imagine what they can do until they do it and that what makes entrepreneur different from a businessman. Kayi saal pehle aik burha mareez lahore ke aik bohat bare hasaptal ke bahir foot path par sisak sisak kar mar gaya kyoun keh usay hasaptal main dakhla na mil saka aur private toor par ilaaj karane ki bhi sakat nahin rakhta tha.

As a good mother rears good children a teacher builds up a good nation.

My Aim In Life Urdu Essay Mera Nasb ul Ain Mera Maqsad e Hayat

Meri khawahish hai ke hasaptal main sirf mareezon ka ilaaj hi na kiya jaye balkeh logon ko sehat ke aam asool bhi samjhaye jayain takeh log sehat mand rahain. To achieve my ambition I work day and night. A teacher is an engineer maker, a doctor maker, and an officer maker.If you are interested in working with us we would love to have this Essay on My Aim in life in Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu language.

And if you find this information helpful drop a comment in the comment section below. My aim in life essay in urdu by admin This can be brought about only through general awakening which makes everyone understand the eternal values of life and dignity of an individual irrespective of caste, soft copy is an intangible output, most civilized people on Earth.

Here we are going to give you an essay about my aim in life is to become a teacher. Hope this essay will be helpful to you all. My philosophy of life is that we should set our goal and then we should try hard to achieve it.

The aim of my life The aim of my life is to save the people from their physical ailments. Hence, I wish to be a doctor. Hence, I wish to be a doctor. My merits for my aim in life A man should consider his merits and demerits before he settles the aim of his life.

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Essay my aim in life become a teacher in urdu n english. The effect of a parent teacher or friend on your life essay.

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Essay my aim in life in urdu
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