Custom paper mache masks

You can just send us details of your products like dimensions, pictures, or actual samples, then we can make the custom design based on your requirements. Her family has a long history of art, dating back 3 genertions, where her Grandmother and Great Grandmother were painters for Wedgewood.


All of her works are unique and one of a kind. His masks have been featured on stage and film productions all over the globe. What kind of packaging do you make?

Each piece is hand cut from brass, burned around the edges with a torch, then decorated, signed and dated. Inshe started an art based company called DeMasque Productions, Ltd.

Black undercoat is applied to both inside and outside and then decorated wih acrylic paints and sealed with shellac.

Paper Mache Lion Mask Pattern

Instead of coming up with a design, making a mold of that design, and then casting several masks from the mold, she does almost the opposite. Kurt Salla His brass mask jewelry started out custom paper mache masks a fluke with the first pieces being made in Diane Trapp - Illusionary Designs Her art is the exploration of emotion.

Eyes, noses and beaks are made of a light-weight, air drying model material, then sealed with paper-mache, acrylics and polyurethane. We mainly design and produce molded pulp inner packaging trays.

They are formed over a wire rimmed, vinyl base that stays slightly flexible around the edges, allowing them to fit a wide range of face shapes. Rosemary spends much of the year traveling throughout the US, working at festivals with her art, but you can always find her in New Orleans, on Mardi Gras day.

All the raw materials are natural fiber-based renewable resources. Since she has created and sold more than masks, but she loves creating visual art in many mediums. Gabriel Q Puppeteer, mask maker and performance artist Gabriel Q has baffled audiences since the 5th grade when he discovered the power of drag and improv during show and tell.

Incognyto She fell into mask making unintentionally after being laid off from the semiconductor industry. From half masks to full-face masks, all of the masks are made from premium quality leather for excellence in appearance, durability, and are molded to a plaster head for maximum comfort.

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Catherine DeMasque Catherine was encouraged to start drawing by her mother at an early age. They are then decorated with fabric, feathers and floral leaves.

She has been making masks for the last 11 years with her sister-in-law, master mask-maker Diane Trapp. The only mod used is a mold of a human face or a wig head used on the inside, which is then sculpted into the design in her head. Primarily wearable work for stage productions and Mardi Gras.

Since then, they have developed techniques and explored materials that have honed their craftmanship. Molded pulp products are formed based on molds, so there will be tooling cost. Can you make the packaging design for us based on our ideas or products?

Jen is self taught and always learning something new. A friend loaned her a mask to try to duplicate. Our molds are made of high quality aviation Aluminum, and several molds are needed in different process to finish one product, so the tooling cost will be a bit higher than some other packaging like plasitc.

Besides teaching workshops in mask-making and mask-acting around the globe, he also contributes his considerable skills as an actor and director in the Chicagoland area as well. Catherine is also a published fantasy novelist writing under the pen name Catherine DeMasque.

Jan has recently changed her attention to creating Sugar Skulls and has created some incredible Dios de la Muertos masks.Masquerade Mask Party Poster Custom, masquerade mask Banner, Gold and Black Wall Decor Masquerade decor Birthday Banner Party Decoration- sizes 36x24, 48x24, 48x36 Personalized party banner.

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Paper-Mache Round Box Set These boxes are ready for embellishing with paint, paper, decoupage, stickers, felt, fabric, ribbon, photos, stickers, and more Package contains three round nestling boxes with lids. Paper Mache Masks Selfie-Monkey Mask Pattern. Make your own selfie-monkey mask with this easy pattern.

It’s weird, just like the real selfie-monkey. You just need a few cereal boxes, paper mache, and acrylic paint to make a mask of the famous crested macaque.

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Share 1. Pin Tweet +1. Shares. 2 Comments. Customized White Paper Mache Masks Wholesale. Fiber-Based,Eco Friendly and Biodegradable.

Molded Pulp packaging, Molded Pulp crafts, Molded Pulp Products. Home; Pulp Packaging. Biodegradable ipaid packaging,custom pulp paper packaging. High Quality earphone packaging,earphone package box. This craft tutorial teaches you how to make a paper mache mask using your own face as a mold.

Paper Mache Masks

It includes step-by-step instructions and materials. Learn how to make a custom-fit paper mache mask at home. There is no need to spend a ton of money on a mediocre mask when you can make one yourself.

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Custom paper mache masks
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