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All flags must be air dried. What material is your custom flag made of? The flags are heat resistant but are not designed to resist fire.

When your flag is not in use, we advise to fold it and store it away at room temperature. These polyester flags are great to display anything that you want to share with the world.

Get an instant quote. Send us an image Cheap custom what you are Cheap custom for and we will try to make it come to life.

Do not put your flag in with other clothes or flags. Flags are not to to be Cheap custom into the dryer.

When you choose Feather Flag Nation for your advertising products, you invest in long-lasting quality, effective advertising flags, inexpensive products that are also well-made, and a fun advertising campaign.

Do you offer flag kits? You can mount them to walls easily with nails, thumb-tacks, Cheap custom wall-mount hooks. By having control over every step of production, we can provide you with high quality flag prints.

This will depend how well your flag is secured to the flagpole that you have purchased. What are popular sizes for a custom flag?

These custom flags are rectangle in shape and come in a few varying sizes. For the width, you can go as large as a ft. We can custom craft hardware and flags to larger sizes, if needed. Care of Custom Flags How do I best take care of my flag?

Sales, news, updates, logos, school pride, important dates, and so much more will stand out to the public on outdoor banner flags and other products that we can customize just for you.

You can pick several finishing options for custom flags, such as grommets and sleeves, which allows you to secure the flag to almost any location. Call us if you need help designing your custom flags. You can purchase the flag size that matches most closely with what is needed for your flag pole.

What is the difference between polyester and nylon flags? Primary use for these flag banners is for business and event promotions. I love these shirts! Typical use means using the flag for specific events, shows, etc a few times a year. Our most popular custom flag style would be our feather flags.

While most flags fade within a few months, ours usually last anywhere from 9 to 12 months, IF you are using the flag outdoors every day for that period of time.Find high quality Cheap Custom Gifts at CafePress.

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Everybody knows the branding power that custom printed t-shirts and merch provides to bands, businesses and organizations. Quality custom flags made in the USA for residential and commercial uses.

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