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Click here Stamp Paper Of Different States Please refer to the images below to know how the stamp papers of different states would look like: Specialist advice should be sought about your Buying stamp paper online circumstances.

Recently, the state government of Telangana has in principle agreed to reduce stamp duty on a property at Hyderabad. The process involves authorised dealers so that private vendors are kept out.

We would facilitate you with Stamp papers in bulk. However, the system called franking, which involves private vendors, persists. Review entered details and make the payment online Step 4: The existing procedure for buying the stamp paper was extremely simple with requirement of providing minimum information such as name and address of the person who would be executing the stamp document.

You can now buy stamp papers online

There will be a bar code in the certificate that can be read with a special hand-held unit; this will store information of the buyer. However, the intention of the government for bringing in this new process is to bring uniformity in the sale of stamp papers all across Maharashtra.

Click to Login as an existing user or Register so you can print this article. Also, accept International credit cards for purchasing stamp papers online in Hyderabad.

All you have to do is to fill in your details in the form below, choose the required stamp paper value and place an order. As per the new process the buyers now need to provide complete details with respect to purchase of buying the stamp paper. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

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NotaryKart is offering stamp paper services online where you can place an order for stamp paper at Hyderabad at the click of a button by providing necessary credentials and the same will be delivered by courier within few working days.

Get delivered at your doorstep Step 1: Adhesive Stamps Adhesive stamps are convenient labels that can be pasted on documents for you have paid the stamp duty. We use cookies to give you the best online experience.

Under the e-stamping system, stamp duty administration is computerised. Most states allow you to purchase the Stamp paper of same value if you find it inconvenient to get the document franked. Once issued, these details will be locked to prevent tampering," Avhad said.

Payments are made to the government electronically, making it a secure and techno savvy approach," said Mahesh Avhad, deputy inspector general of registration and deputy controller of stamps computerswho is overseeing the project.

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How to get e-Stamp Paper Online?

Litigants will no longer have to stand in que to buy stamp papers to file their cases with the Delhi High court today introducing the electronic court fee system under which fee can submitted electronically. A unique feature is the stamp certificate, a personalised online registration as part of a tamper-proof demat system.

It marks a complete break from the stamp paper era for all types of documentation.

Buying stamp paper online
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