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The archaeological record indicates that for Ancestral Puebloans to adapt to climatic change by changing residences and locations was not unusual.

Just what happened has been the greatest puzzle facing archaeologists who study the ancient culture.

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Also, some Anasazi ppaer of the roads lead to natural features such as springs, lakes, mountain tops, and pinnacles. The name was further sanctioned in archaeology when it was adopted by Alfred V.

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Anasazi ppaer, the best defense plan against enemies was to aggregate in bigger groups. I have roamed the Southwest for the past 15 years and have written a book about the Anasazi. Our feet gripped the edge of the passage: Items such as macawsturquoisemarine shells, which are not part of this environment, in addition to imported vessels distinguished by design, prove that the Chaco had long-distance commercial relations with other distant regions.

Subsequently some archaeologists who would try to change the term have worried that because the Pueblos speak different languages, there are different words for "ancestor," and using one might be offensive to people speaking other languages.

Riddles of the Anasazi

Lekson goes on to describe a grim scenario that he believes emerged during the next few hundred years. If one village was under attack, it could send signals to its allies on the other mesas.

Supervision, writing case notes, family therapy sessions, and communication with other staff members can be scheduled on a more flexible basis. They likely served as central places for ceremonial journeys across the landscape.

Using data from tree rings, researchers know that a terrible drought seized the Southwest from to ; it is possible that in certain areas there was virtually no rain at all during those 23 years.

The Shadow also serves as a liaison with other professionals working with the families we serve.

Ancestral Puebloans

The settlement, once home to perhaps two families, seemed to exude paranoia, as if its builders lived in constant fear of attack. To construct it, the builders had pounded cup holes in the side walls and wedged the ax-hewn ends of massive cross-beams into them for support.

What was the platform used for? Things were not going well for the leaders, and the governing structure wanted to perpetuate itself by making an example of social outcasts; the leaders executed and even cannibalized them.

Many of these possibilities are supported by archaeological evidence. At last, feet above the canyon floor, we arrived at the ledge. The name "Anasazi" has come to mean "ancient people," although the word itself is Navajomeaning "enemy ancestors.

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It includes violence and warfare—even cannibalism—among the Anasazi themselves.Anasazi Ppaer Essay Words | 3 Pages Anasazi Anasazi is also refer to as the “Ancient pueblo” The Anasazi rock art Was painted on a rock or was pecked into the rock surface no one knows if this was a language or a way to communicate to others secretly or perhaps it could have been art.

The Anasazi Restaurant executive chef Edgar Beas offers old world techniques with modern, innovative recipes and artful plating. Job Opportunities. ANASAZI Foundation is currently accepting applications for the following positions: Family Therapist (Shadow) TrailWalker.

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The Shadow also. In contemporary times, the people and their archaeological culture were referred to as Anasazi for historical purposes. The Navajo, who were not their descendants, called them by this term. Reflecting historic traditions, the term was used to mean "ancient enemies".

Contemporary Puebloans do not want this term to be used. Anasazi Anasazi is also refer to as the “Ancient pueblo” The Anasazi rock art Was painted on a rock or was pecked into the rock surface.

Free Essay: Anasazi Anasazi is also refer to as the “Ancient pueblo” The Anasazi rock art Was painted on a rock or was pecked into the rock surface no.

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