Accounting convergence

GAAP which it oversees and standards for accounting and financial reporting; however, the mission has been enhanced to include the convergence and harmonization of U. Professionalism versus statutory control Conservatism versus optimism Secrecy versus transparency The first two relate to authority and enforcement of accounting practice at a country level, Accounting convergence the last two relate to the measurement and disclosure of accounting information at a country level.

Because of the nature of the differences, it is expected that a high-quality solution can usually be achieved by selecting between existing U. Accounting networks and associations Depending on its size, a company may be legally required to have their financial statements audited by a qualified auditor, and audits are usually carried out by accounting firms.

Methodologies in academic accounting research can be classified into archival research, which examines "objective data collected from repositories "; experimental research, which examines data "the researcher gathered by administering treatments to subjects "; and analytical research, which is "based on the act of formally modeling theories or substantiating ideas in mathematical terms".

The PhD is the most common degree for those wishing to pursue a career in academia, while DBA programs generally focus on equipping business executives for business or public careers requiring research skills and qualifications. This is in spite of the fact that the original shareholders i.

Timeliness and the availability of uniform information to all concerned stakeholders will also conceptually make for a smoother and more efficient process.


Inthe National Securities Markets Improvement Act became law; the act expressed support for convergence efforts and required the SEC to report to congress on progress towards convergence.

May 06, Accounting Convergence Dysfunction: The GAAP have been adhered to for years, and this is the knowledge that accounting professionals are familiar with.

At the same time, the process will provide for more credible information and will be simplified without the need for conversion to the standards of the country.

Culture in this context is defined by the FASB as " the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one human group from another. One of the ways the SEC has pursued these goals is by upholding the domestic quality of financial reporting as well as encouraging the convergence of the U.

Convergence of accounting standards

Once standards have converged, the actual process of developing and implementing new international standards will be simpler and will eliminate the reliance on agencies to develop and ratify a decision on any specific standard.

At long last, there was the distinct prospect of a simple, sensible and abuse-proof standard to put an end to the vicious cycle of rules-based standards and financially engineered evasive actions.

Additionally, the convergence of accounting standards is changing the attitudes of CPAs and CFOs toward the harmonization of international accounting, affecting the quality of the international accounting standards and the efforts made toward the goal of convergence of GAAP and IFRS standards.

As a result of these and other initiatives, the FASB expects to make significant progress toward international convergence in the next few years. Standard setters, financial statement preparers and auditors, and regulators should be aware of similarities and differences between the financial reports that would be produced under IASC standards and those produced under national standards.

For example, some critics are concerned that convergence will increase the use of fair value accounting. GAAP prefers a risks-and-reward model. In others, tax and regulatory incentives encouraged over-leveraging of companies and decisions to bear extraordinary and unjustified risk.

GAAP shows them as net income. Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox. The GAAP consists of a complex set of guidelines attempting to establish rules and criteria for any contingencywhile the IFRS begins with the objectives of good reporting and then provides guidance on how the specific objective relates to a given situation.

From a legal perspective, companies will be required to disclose qualitative and quantitative information about contracts with customers, including a maturity analysis for contracts extending beyond a year, as well as the inclusion of any significant judgments and changes in judgments made in applying the proposed standard to those contracts.

Please help to improve this section by introducing more precise citations. It has been agreed to " a undertake a short-term project aimed at removing a variety of individual differences between U. Further, the new standards will increase the international flow of capital.

GAAP counterparts in areas such as scope, definitions, recognition and measurement requirements, and display and disclosure requirements. A convergence would require learning a new system, which many professionals would be resistant to. The project seeks to identify all of the substantive differences between U.

The scandal caused the dissolution of Arthur Andersenwhich at the time was one of the five largest accounting firms in the world. Standard setters have a moral obligation to embrace a principles-based standard whenever they can. GAAP through coordination of their future work programs, c continue progress on the joint projects that they are undertaking, and d encourage their respective interpretative bodies to coordinate their activities" "When Accounting Finally Becomes Global," The CPA Journal 78 9 I took it as a sign of better things to come when the FASB finally declared, in its Preliminary Views document, that henceforth, the only items that would be admitted as equity were common stock and retained earnings.

These problems highlighted the need to review the effectiveness of accounting standardsauditing regulations and corporate governance principles. It encompasses a broad range of research areas including financial accountingmanagement accountingauditing and taxation.

Impact on Investors Investors will have to re-educate themselves in reading and understanding accounting reports and financial statements following the new internationally accepted standards.

The scope of the short-term convergence project is limited to those differences between U. Research indicates that firms that apply the international standards show the following: Accounting information systems have reduced the cost of accumulating, storing, and reporting managerial accounting information and have made it possible to produce a more detailed account of all data that is entered into any given system.

Additionally, new safeguards will be in place to prevent another national or international economic and financial meltdown. Explicit consideration of convergence potential in all Board agenda decisions.As we conclude the bilateral convergence program begun in by the FASB and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), the FASB has implemented a three-part strategy for seeking greater comparability in accounting standards internationally: Developing high quality GAAP standards.

International Convergence of Accounting Standards-Perspectives from the FASB on Challenges and Opportunities Robert H. Herz and Kimberley R. Petrone*. There are other convergence projects in various stages with the goal of making financial statements more usable for all parties worldwide.

Jeffrey Christakos P. Jeffrey Christakos, CPA, CFP, is a partner with Christakos & Co., PC, and a specialist professor of accounting at Monmouth University.


The convergence of accounting standards refers to the goal of establishing a single set of accounting standards that will be used internationally. Convergence in some form has been taking place for several decades, and efforts today include projects that aim to reduce.

Topic Gateway series Convergence of Accounting Standards 3 Convergence of Accounting Standards Definition and concept In a financial reporting context, convergence is the process of harmonising.

Convergence definition is - the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity; especially: coordinated movement of the two eyes so that the image of a single point is formed on corresponding retinal areas.

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Accounting convergence
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