A sneak peak into the mind of a mass murderer

The mind of a killer: Unraveling the lies of Jodi Arias

At her trial, Jodi Arias told the world a new story, weaving a tale of fear and abuse. Flipboard Produced by Jonathan Leach, Josh Gelman, Tom Seligson and Jamie Stolz "48 Hours" first introduced viewers to Jodi Arias inwhen she sat down to talk shortly after being arrested and charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

When Travis Alexander was found dead in his bathroom, the first question homicide investigator Estaban Flores had was "who?

And I turned around, there were two people there, one was a guy and one was a girl. One time I did something and…he stuffed all the bath towels down the commode and stopped it up, and flooded the house.

Sooner or later, public outrage will overcome the NRA radicals and push politicians to do their job. For a balanced analysis of the civil rights issues that should be considered in framing a fair, safe, common sense gun control policy, see CNN.

Serial Killers

Kohlhepp kidnapped and raped -- at gunpoint -- a year-old girl who was a neighbor. According to later psychological reports, Todd did not get along with his stepfather and grew increasingly hostile and abusive. But her details of how he died have changed repeatedly: The only good outcome of the mass murder epidemic has been an increased awareness that mental health treatment is woefully underfunded and inaccessible to most people who desperately need it.

They often have a longstanding fascination with weapons and have collected large stores of them. The accumulating large sample of mass murderers and their eagerness to explain themselves in print and videos provides a rich data base. There was one that you gave to Detective Flores, right? We need to improve both sides of this equation.

The best we can hope for is to reduce access to weapons of mass destruction. He also notes that most perpetrators are young males who act alone after carefully planning the event.

It often takes months to get an outpatient appointment and beds are so few that getting into a psychiatric hospital is almost impossible. Undoubtedly, this will eventually happen as the mass murders continue to pile up.

But in the end, Jodi Arias could not have been more wrong. Well she knocked the blessings out of him by putting a bullet in his head," prosecutor Juan Martinez addressed the court in his opening statement.

Improving accessibility to mental health services is a national necessity and may help prevent an occasional tragedy- but it is only a very partial and totally inadequate answer. The way forward is clear- we need to reduce free access to guns for those individuals who are at high risk to use them irresponsibly.

It is no surprise that a majority of the population including a majority of gun owners favors measures that would restrict high-risk individuals from having such easy access to guns. In his book, "The Psychopath Inside: He hit other children and destroyed their projects.

Aggrieved and entitled, he longs for power and revenge to obliterate what he cannot have. The much more effective step is a responsible gun control policy that balances the civil rights of individuals with the safety of the public.

During the three-hour interview, Arias told Maher a tale of secret intimacy, the drama of masked intruders and, ultimately, a desperate escape. And what, if anything, can we do to stop these tragedies from recurring? More treatment, fewer guns.Criminal Minds is marking its upcoming th milestone episode by sharing a sneak peek at the season 14 premiere.

The preview was provided by the show's network, CBS, and reveals some details of what fans can expect from the episodes. Aug 18,  · "48 Hours" returns to our first meetings with Arias for insight into the mind of a killer.

Video: "48" Hours producer on meeting Jodi Arias Like Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson before her, Jodi Arias captured the attention of the country. The Mind of a Murderer Season 2 Sneak Peek Criminal Psychologist and Trial Consultant, Dr Michelle Ward, researches hundreds of murder cases to find out what drives people to kill.

We see the crime with plenty of recreation spin backs, focusing on the moments other shows don’t like the minutes after the crime or the jail house confession. Sneak Peek with Luke Evans 60 seconds The Alienist 60 seconds Get a sneak peek into the world of The Alienist with star Luke Evans.

A new study which pored over the diaries of notable mass murderers has found that intense, overwhelming paranoia is the cause of their killing sprees and not a devastating detachment from reality. In the wake of the largest mass shooting in modern U.S.

The Mind of a Murderer Season 2 Sneak Peek

history, experts weigh in on the mind of a mass killer, in the hopes of preventing another tragedy. Crime correspondent Melissa Moore is in Nevada to find out who the perpetrator really was.

A sneak peak into the mind of a mass murderer
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