A gift to treasure

I even have part of the cast picked out: And so Tinker Bell, Terence, Blaze and all the other fairies fly to the pixie dust tree and restore its strength while admiring their magnificent scepter. She blames Blaze for distracting her, but then, realizing that her temper is what had gotten her in trouble in the first place, she apologizes and breaks down crying, wishing Terence was her friend again.

Tink accepts the task, as well as help from Terence. It had many chuckle moments gott Oh no! But as the work on the scepter progresses, Tink begins to have trouble with Terence, who is trying a little too hard to be helpful.

Every eight years, there is a blue harvest moon in Pixie Hollow. When Tink asks Terence to go find something sharp, Terence brings a compass to her workshop, irritating Tink. Thanks to inspired teamwork with Terence and Blaze, she is finally ready to give the scepter to Queen Clarion.

They show her a mystical moonstone and explain to her its tremendous powers. Once Tink flies off, however, the balloon begins to stray away. When the light of this rare blue moon passes through the moonstone, it creates blue-colored pixie dust to strengthen and rejuvenate the pixie dust tree.

Treasure as a name? Tinker Bell intends to use the third and last wish to repair the shattered moonstone to its original form.

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She discovers the magic and treasure of true friendshiphumilityand love. A new scepter is to be made to raise the moonstone, and Tinker Bell has been recommended. That was a hang up but I persevered. When she finally sees the balloon missing, she gives chase, Blaze in tow, but the harsh winds knock them down.

The next morning, Tinker Bell awakens, hungry, lost and missing Terence. It had many chuckle moments gotta love Grammy! Not bothering to look inside to see the sharp arrow, she kicks the compass, causing it to roll over and break her newly completed scepter.

Including a Filipino character was also a big plus. Blaze scouts out to rally some forest insects that provide food and water for Tink. Tinker Bell finally discovers the mirror. Tink and Terence start back to Pixie Hollow. Tink is trying to make a "Pixie Dust Express" to help Terence and the others.

Wow, I seriously felt my heart swell you know, the feeling when you love someone at the description of their love for each other.

Gifts of Treasure

The entire cast of characters played a collaborative role in bringing forth great meaning and richness to the story. She leaves the balloon to make sure of this and leaves Blaze to watch over it.

Cast[ edit ] The voice actors and actresses are largely the same as in the previous film. Although Tink has made mistakes in the past, Fairy Mary explains that tinker fairies learn from them, most of the time.

Welcome to A Gift To Treasure: embroidery gifts with style.

With such a grand span, you risk losing depth. By the way, the name finally grew on me because the symbolism fit her but if my eReader had the capability to exchange words, I would have used it. After unsuccessfully trying to anchor it, Blaze rushes to tell Tink, though she is too busy trying to figure out why she stumbled upon a bent tree instead of the stone arch to pay attention.

They reconcile, but then they are chased by rats. This book spoke to me, hence the highest rating. It dealt with a variety of life issues such as single parenting, self-esteem, social economics, misconceptions, death and dying, dating heartaches, altruism, and so on.

Ligwayway, a 6yo Filipina girl, put a big smile on my face. She is found by Terence, who has been following her after discovering her plans and the fragments of the moonstone in her empty house. Blaze then sheds light on the map to help Tink, and the tinker finally allows him to stay.

I too have a kind heart, though I need work in having the level of altruism that Treasure possessed. I had such a hard time with it that for the first quarter of the book I had to read it quickly and shorten it to Treas to make the read tolerable.GIFT CARDS.

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which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us. Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Hope, Freedom, Independence, Treasure. Browse through Treasure Ugwumsinachi Gift's poems and quotes. 0 poems of Treasure Ugwumsinachi Gift. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is a American computer-animated comedy adventure film and the second installment in the Disney Fairies franchise.

Produced by DisneyToon Studios, it was animated by Prana Studios.

A gift to treasure
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